Andreyko on the Future of Friday the 13th


Wildstorm’s comic book incarnation

Marc Andreyko, writer of Wildstorm’s Friday the 13th: Pamela’s Story, tells us he’s pitching the editors a new mini-series.

“I’ve been talking to Wildstorm about doing a Friday story like Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians about the first meeting of the survivors of the Friday the 13th movies, someone’s killing them off,” he reveals.

He adds Wildstorm is approaching a next Voorhees mini-series with trepidation due to low sales numbers. Currently, one graphic novel exists (not a bad one, at that) with a second collection arriving this October. So, comic book/Voorhees fans, if you want to see Wildstorm continue its Friday line you’ve got to show your support!

Source: Ryan Rotten