EXCL: Kiefer Sutherland on Lost Boys Prequel


His thoughts on sequel, comic book

In the years following the release of The Lost Boys, director Joel Schumacher – in addition to nurturing an idea for a Lost Girls film – mulled over a possible prequel.

“There were great [follow-up] ideas,” says former lost boy Kiefer Sutherland and star of Fox’s upcoming Mirrors. “Joel had one that was a prequel dating back all the way to the earthquake in San Francisco. The one we talk about in the original.” And the quake responsible for providing Sutherland’s vamp counterpart, David, with a cozy sea-side cavernous crypt.

“The whole thing I found interesting was that once you were a vampire you go back to that youthful state,” he continues. “The prequel was always going to follow David when he was mortal before he got sucked into the earthquake and got turned. That was Joel’s idea and I thought that was really cool. But apparently Joel was really busy, Warner Bros. was really busy and it didn’t happen.”

Asked if he was at all approached to cameo in Warner Premiere’s DVD release Lost Boys: The Tribe, the actor answers, “No, absolutely not. Lost Boys was a massive part of my life, it still is. You can’t crap on that. And I’m not going to go out and do a cameo in a DVD release sequel. Why they never talked to Joel Schumacher in the past 15 years about doing a proper sequel… If you’re not going to embrace what you’re coming from in its original state…look, it was hard enough for me to do Young Guns 2 which I ended up thinking – because we were all better – was a better film.”

Even though David is nowhere to be found in the cinematic sequel, we tell Sutherland his character does crop up in the comic book series Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs, mullet and all. “Really?” he asks with a grin. Yep, the antlers just missed your heart in the first film, apparently. “That’s cool!”

Source: Ryan Rotten