Tom Holland Presents 5 or Die


Online series arriving in September

If you recall, at the end of last month, we presented a snippet from a mystery film entitled 5 or Die (watch it here).

As it turns out, it’s a sneak peek from Fright Night and Child’s Play helmer Tom Holland’s online series which debuts exclusively at this September. The site is a new internet platform for Hollywood talent that was created during the Writer’s Guild Strike. Holland says the purpose is to give professionals a creative outlet other than the studios and networks.

Holland penned and directed the series which was produced by Dennis DeFrehn. It features special effects by Vince Guastini and stars Brandon Fobbs (The Wire), Madeline Zima (Californication), James Snyder (Crybaby on Broadway) and Kevin Daniels (Ladder 49).

His short (shot in Studio City earlier this year) is about three high school friends who get caught in the middle of deadly chain email that instructs them to forward the letter in 5 minutes or die. As two of the friends watch the third get slashed and brutally murdered by a mysterious man in black, they desperately search for a way to protect themselves as they watch their time quickly run out.

A MySpace page is now alive ‘n kickin’. Put in a friend request and you’ll have access to exclusive production stills, screen grabs and teaser trailers for 5 or Die, and anyone that adds the profile will receive a code on August 18th to watch the short a full month before everyone else.