EXCL: Ratner Producing Mother’s Day Remake


Who might be at the helm? Who’s writing?

Ready for this one? Brett Ratner is spearheading an effort to remake Charles Kaufman’s wonky 1980 horror film Mother’s Day. And Darren Lynn Bousman (Repo! The Genetic Opera) is circling to direct it, however, his involvement is not locked.

Word reached ShockTillYouDrop.com over the weekend. Confirmation came down today from one of the players involved in the project. The redux – about two maniacs living with their mother and the three women who tread onto this deviant family’s property – is currently in the scripting stage with P2‘s Franck Khalfoun. Apparently, Ratner is a huge fan of the original film, a Troma production.

In a recent interview elsewhere, Bousman teased he was at work on a remake that was popular but “one that I believe people will embrace.” And it wasn’t Scanners (one that has slipped from his grasp).

It’s unknown where Ratner has Mother’s Day set up, but we’ll keep you updated as more news comes in. In the meantime, post your thoughts below. Is Bousman right? Is this a redo horror fans will embrace or is Kaufman’s original cult classic too sacred to touch?

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com