Director Off of Heart-Shaped Box


Locke & Key turns to television

Warner Bros.’ adaptation of Joe Hill’s ghost story Heart-Shaped Box goes on without helmer Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire).

“My understanding is that Jordan wrote a really great script, but then he was asked to do revisions and then there was the writers’ strike,” Hill explains in an interview with Fangoria. “I know they’ve done another rewrite [since], and I couldn’t tell you whether it was Jordan who did it or someone else. But that one continues to be developed.”

Meanwhile, another Hill tale, Locke & Key, is actually being developed as a television series, not a feature film as previously reported. According to Hill, Frank Darabont (The Mist is closing in to write and direct the pilot. A twelve-episode run is expected.

For Fango’s full interview, click here.

Source: Fangoria