Stone Village Loco for Lobo


Fast tracking werewolf spec script

Dikran Ornekian and Ryan Colucci’s spec script Lobo about werewolves lurking in Brazil was snatched up by Stone Village. Ezna Sands is directing with principal photography expected to begin this October. He recently completed his feature directing debut, an untitled thriller that mixes elements of fiction and reality.

Lobo follows a young man journey to a town by the Amazon where he discovers a bit about his identity as well as a colony of werewolves.

“The stylized nature of the film is what drew me, because it’s far less a monster movie than a Western in the mold of Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America,” Sands tells Variety. “I have the opportunity to bring back to audience the kind of hero they had in the ’70s, someone as dark and conflicted as the new James Bond or the Dark Knight. Our intention is to tell a single story over three films, and this first chapter is a guy who makes a massive revelation.”

In addition to this title, Stone Village is also producing Stan Helsing.

Source: Variety