Englund: Krueger is Out for Thornton


Let’s look at the reality of it

Robert Englund kicked up a rumor last night on the radio show Loveline.

Promoting the upcoming release of Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, the actor admitted he’s heard rumblings Billy Bob Thornton is circling the Freddy Krueger role in the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. As we’ve reported in the past, it’s unlikely Englund will return wearing the sweater and glove.

But before everyone gets all fired up, a few things to consider: Wesley Strick has just come on board to write the script, so casting is a ways off. Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller clearly stated at Comic-Con that their involvement with the project is still not locked. Furthermore, this is strictly – again – rumor from an actor not even creatively involved in the remake. (At best, Englund may get a cameo.)

Source: JoBlo