Ravenous Pig Craze Continues


Korea unleashes Chaw

Razorback, Evilspeak, Hannibal… The use of voracious giant pigs freaks us out, man. Seriously. That’s why we eagerly look to the horizon towards the release of similar swine-themed efforts like Pig Hunt and – oh, what the hell, why not? – The Pig People.

Overseas, South Korean filmmaker Shin Jeong-won is in post-production on Chaw which concerns a small village living in fear of a giant boar. Most of the lensing took place in northern California, strangely enough. Pic is due for release in Korea this December. Cine21 score a bunch ‘o stills for you to dig your snout into so…

Click below for the full gallery! (And stay tuned for U.S. distribution news.)

Source: Cine21, Polygon Entertainment