Smith Returns for Saw V?


Actress also talks Grudge 3

Promoting her latest stint in the web series 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust, actress Shawnee Smith spoke to the NY Post blog PopWrap about her presence in two upcoming horror sequels.

First, she addresses rumors of her return as Amanda in Lionsgate’s Saw V: “That’s what I hear. I’m not sure how they keep resurrecting me, but somehow! If I’m in Saw V, it’s something I’d already filmed, but I have no idea. This is horror, you’re more valuable dead than alive.”

Next up, The Grudge 3, helmed by Toby Wilkins and arriving soon from Ghost House Pictures. Smith admits she presumed any ghosts she’d be dealing with in the film would later be added in via CGI. “I didn’t know they were going to paint [vengeful ghost Kayako] up and have her chase me around a hospital for hours. It was not cool. Meanwhile the girl who plays Kayako is an absolute doll and I ended up becoming good friends with her. I wasn’t expecting that.”

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Source: PopWrap