Big Plans for Scary City Web Series


Gal battles spooks in haunted building

LonelyGirl15 executive producer Yumiko Aoyagi is overseeing the launch of an online series entitled The Scary City. Budgeted at $5.2 million project Scary bows on September 15th.

According to Variety, the story revolves around a haunted Los Angeles apartment complex and the missing 10-year-old daughter of an architect who battles the building’s unseen evil forces. Tenants from all over the world get caught up in the global intrigue.

The series will begin with five episodes ranging from 1 1/2 to three minutes in length. Installments will also be syndicated to sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.

Future versions of the series are planned for Korea, Israel, the U.K., France and Thailand, with the international casts involved in the globe-trotting narrative.

Aoyagi intends to distribute content to mobile phones and adapt the plot as manga graphic novels. She also hopes eventually to develop the property into a full-length feature. “It’s like a full-fledged pre-release campaign, with each story in every country serving as a trailer for the movie,” Aoyagi said.

Aoyagi, who is based in Los Angeles, wrote and produced the series. The Tokyo story will be co-produced by Tamon Andrew Niwa.

Japanese interactive agency IMJ and design firm THA is producing a $1.4 million website to launch the series. The site will include games, blogs by visitors and characters, sponsorships and merchandise sales.

Source: Variety