Screamland Collected This October


Classic monsters, normal people problems

Image Comics collects its horror series Screamland, by writer Harold Sipe and artist Hector Casanova, in a trade paperback this October.

“In an era of films shot against green screens and fixed in post, where have the iconic creatures gone,” Sipe asks. Screamland is a love letter to old Hollywood using monstrous metaphors, while not whitewashing over any of the ugly bits. The characters’ fall into unattended convention signings, failed romances and dot-com busts is only the beginning of the story.”

The Screamland deluxe tradepaperback features an introduction from SCALPED’s Jason Aaron, eight never-before-seen pages, a behind the scenes look at Casanova’s artistic process and a pinup gallery featuring artists such as Nathan Fox, Steve Sanders, Kerry Callen and many more.

Screamland, a 152-page full color tradepaperback for $16.99, will be in stores October 29th.

Source: Image Comics