Barker’s Dread Viral Campaign Begins


Stained on the inside… received the below artwork with the following message this morning:

This is a picture I painted of a girl named Abby. She has a port-wine birthmark covering half her body: her leg, her stomach, her breast, her face… Abby’s going to participate in our fear study – going to share with us her deepest DREAD. Abby learned at a very young age that she would always be an object of scrutiny… she confided in me, and all she wants is to be normal. Would you like to be part of our fear study? – Quaid

It’s a foreboding start to an interesting campaign for Dread, the big screen adaptation of the Clive Barker Books of Blood tale. Anthony DiBlasi (executive producer on Midnight Meat Train) has taken on writing and directing duties; he’ll begin shooting in the next few months.

For more details on the project, venture here.