Producer Talks X-Files’ Performance


What will be on the DVD?

Anthony Ferrante caught up to producer and co-writer Frank Spotnitz to discuss the underwhelming debut of The X-Files: I Want to Believe last week.

Questioned about Fox’s advertising of the picture, Spotnitz does a dance but he does address the struggle they faced in the summer movie market. “I don’t think awareness was necessarily the problem,” Spotnitz says. “I think the bigger problem was that we weren’t counter-programming, like Step Brothers and Mama Mia! were. If you were looking for a dark, scary movie experience, you were almost certainly going to The Dark Knight that weekend, unless you happened to be a big X-Files fan.”

Other topics covered during Ferrante’s interview: The upcoming DVD’s special features, the “werewolf” hoax, the final credits coda (an oddity if I ever saw one) and more. Click here for the full interview.

And weigh in on our comments board below… Do you think the latest X-Files stood a chance against the box office big guns? Did Fox do enough to sell the sequel? Or does no one simply care to see Mulder and Scully on the big screen again?

Source: IF Magazine