Board Midnight Meat Train for Cheap


Hope you have a buck or two

Well, they’re upholding their end of their contract. Various reports are coming in saying that Ryuhei Kitamura’s Midnight Meat Train is hitting theaters this Friday, you’ll just have to turn to your bargain theater to see it. Across the country, the Clive Barker adaptation is opening in venues where ticket prices are only one to two dollars! At the start of the week, Shock contacted a rep involved in the film to get an official theater count and potential listings – our query was not answered.

This maneuver is the latest in a line of unkind gestures towards the filmmakers of MMT. It began with rumblings of Lionsgate offering a limited release to fulfill its deal with production entity Lakeshore. Genre fans responded with petitions, catching the attention of Barker who endorsed a campaign for a wider bow. In the heat of this backlash, a little bird tells us Lionsgate’s Joe Drake called for a meeting with Barker which “did not go well.” And here we are, with a flaccid debut for an adaptation that was well-received in Montreal, at the Fantasia Film Festival, and at the San Diego Comic-Con.

If you have a chance to catch Midnight Meat Train near you…awesome. Otherwise, stay tuned for DVD release news sooner than later.

Source: Ryan Rotten