Comic-Con Brawl Lowdown


Niles involved in Sunday’s melee

Shock strives to temper the amount of gossip that permeates our headlines, but I’ve received a few text messages and e-mails about the following and felt I should clear the air with what I know.

On Sunday, Steve Niles – a known friend of – was involved in an altercation on the exhibitor floor at Comic-Con. A fight broke about between the 30 Days of Night creator and an unidentified man. Security personnel got involved and the physical scrap was brought to an end. Police were later called to the scene, but at that point, tempers had faded.

I spoke with Niles this afternoon and he told me, in short, that he was attacked and had no choice but to defend himself. (Witnesses tell us did a pretty damn good job of it, too.) He walked away with minimal injuries.

As for the other guy, we’re not sure (no one from the other side has stepped forward to talk about it).

Source: Ryan Rotten