Guillermo Del Toro to Produce, Co-Pen Dark


Remake of ’73 television movie

Comic book vet Troy Nixey (Trout) finds himself with one heck of a support team for his directorial debut Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

Pic, a remake of John Newland’s geared-for-television creature feature, is being produced for Miramax with Guillermo del Toro who is also writing the screenplay with Matthew Robbins. The two also collaborated on the 1997 monster flick Mimic. Here, they tackle a tale about a young girl in a big manse with little beasties living beneath the stairs.

Kids? Check. Monsters? Check. A sense of destroyed innocence? Perhaps. Yep, primo Del Toro material. THR reports the film is in the early stages of development and “other producers” might hop on board.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter