SDCC ’08: Has Screen Gems Spoiled Quarantine?


The Dowdle Bros. respond

Spoiler Warning: The following hints at the conclusion of Screen Gems’ upcoming Quarantine.

You’ve seen the poster. Experienced and examined the trailer. So just how much of Quarantine‘s finale is being spoiled in Sony’s marketing of the picture?

Horror-savvy fiends who have seen the film upon which this remake is based, Rec, are crying foul saying the image of Jennifer Carpenter being dragged into the darkness ruins the end. The Dowdle Bros., those responsible for the American update, disagree.

“No one has seen at the end of our movie,” says director John Dowdle during breakfast with Shock over the weekend. “You don’t know how we end it. It might be different.”

We press them for more details, querying them on rumors of additional shooting that have taken place within the last month. “The film, before the additional shooting, at ten minutes started to get into things,” John says. “We felt it would be nice to build a little bit more character time before we crank into it. So we added some more scenes at the fire station, stuff like that.”

Drew Dowdle, co-writer and producer on the film, adds those who saw early cuts of the film loved the dynamic between actors Jennifer Carpenter and Jay Hernandez, so more of their interplay was dropped into the film. For more on Quarantine (opening October 10th), read our set report!

Source: Ryan Rotten