SDCC ’08: Friday the 13th Panel Live


Teaser poster and footage!

Shock is reporting live from the Friday the 13th panel. Brad Fuller, Andrew Form, Amanda Righetti, Jared Padalecki and Derek Mears are expected to take the stage.

Here are the highlights!

• The moderator has announced that attendees of this panel have a chance to win one of Jason Voorhees’ prop machetes from the film if they text a specific number.

• The panel begins! Intros to all those taking the stage…

• Teaser poster revealed!!!!

• Teaser footage shown feature Righetti and boyfriend lurking through a dilapidated cabin where they find a bed. On the bed post reads “Jason” – further along they find a hole. The boyfriend peeks in and a machete suddenly tears through the floorboard beneath his feet!

The boyfriend is jerked down into a hole and Righetti goes nuts, screaming her head off. This scene descends into a hellish montage of violence.

(By the way, Edward Douglas is taking over here while Ryan Rotten prepares to moderate the Rogue Pictures panel…)

• Someone just asked if they’d ever see Freddy get back together with Jason for a sequel to Freddy vs. Jason and they said they’d love to do something with Wes Craven.

• A person in the audience asked if there were plans to make the remake into a trilogy, but Brad Fuller says that the ending to the movie seems finite and that the movie will stand on its own.

• Derek Mears was asked if he’d want to play Jason again after this movie and of course, he said “yes.” (What else would he say?) Jared Padalecki gave Derek a bit of lip service saying there’s a “whole new level of scare” because it’s based more in reality.

• Some idiot just asked about explosions cause “Michael Bay is directing it” (jeers abound)

• Someone in the audience asked about the other remakes they’re working on and sequels to their previous remakes and Brad said he’d like to do another “Friday the 13th” and he mentioned their remake of The Birds and said that was “pretty much it” and they’re looking for “great horror properties to remake” including trying to get a deal to remake Nightmare on Elm Street but “they haven’t made the deal yet”.

• Kind of generic question about whether the movie was physically demanding… um… I think I could probably answer that one or guess what the actors would say… “Yes.. demanding… worth it.. a challenge.” Derek Mears mentioned that a lot of the time the actors didn’t want to use their stunt doubles so they’d be manhandled a lot by the new Jason.

• There was a question about whether they’d explore Jason’s childhood and Brad Fuller confirmed that they did.

• A question about the length of the movie and after a joke about it being 3 hours (ha ha), Fuller said that they usually try to make them 90 minutes.

• Question to Amanda Righetti about not falling into the “damsel in distress” role… she tried not to.

• Someone asked whether they considered having cameos from the earlier “Friday the 13th” movies but Brad Fuller denied it because they didn’t want to take audiences out of the movie by doing that, so they chose not to do it.

• Derek Mears says that his Jason is a lot smaller and more intelligent about trapping his prey than previous movies rather than just chasing them blindly.

They showed the trailer one more time.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Edward Douglas