SDCC EXCL: Suspiria Remake is Moving Forward


David Gordon Green says script is done and cast coming together

Filmmaker David Gordon Green is just a few weeks away from the release of his first studio movie, the action-comedy Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, and had a chance to sit down with him at Comic-Con International to talk about his first big budget action flick. Having interviewed him a few months ago for his indie drama Snow Angels (that’s here, if you missed it), we knew that he was working on a proposed remake of Dario Argento’s horror classic Suspiria, and we wondered how that was progressing.

“The script is finished,” he told us, as we sat out on the patio behind the convention center. “We’re out trying to find the right supportive financial institution who wants to take a risk and make a really bold, distinctive and unique horror film. It’s not the obvious… it doesn’t slip naturally into the niche market of contemporary horror movies. It’s something that I think has the potential to be classic and a lot more artistically-inclined than a lot of the contemporary horror stuff.”

When asked about the origins of the remake, he noted, “It’s an Italian production company that is developing it and it will be a European production, and doubtfully will have any American ties to it.” Theoretically, they could go ahead and make the movie and then try to shop for a U. S. distributor rather than have a studio involved for the production, which Green says is probably what they would do. “We’re trying to find private financing that would take the risk with us, but it’s another one that it takes a lot of risk, let’s say, as you can imagine from the original.”

Green also confirmed that they have the cast for the movie coming together, but none that he could tell us. (Rats!)

Either that will be his next movie or a movie written by Danny McBride, co-star of Pineapple Express and Green’s acclaimed early movie All the Real Girls, called Your Highness. “It’s a medieval movie about Danny–he’s a prince in the middle ages who fights dragons–and we’re looking at doing a rewrite on that right now, just Danny in a world of creatures, and the possibilities there would be great, because I haven’t really worked in some of the special effects that could teach me.

Pineapple Express opens on August 6th, and you can read more with Gordon Green about it over on

Source: Edward Douglas