SDCC ’08: Live from the Wolfman Panel


Baker, Booth and Del Toro on stage

We’re embedded deep in the VIP section of Hall H at the San Diego Comic-Con. Baker is currently on stage talking The Wolfman, he’s joined by surprise guests Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro. They’ve just shown the first teaser trailer which looks INCREDIBLE.

Baker says they haven’t filmed a transformation so it will likely be CGI. He added this film whole-heartedly embraces practical FX and the trailer is indicative of that.


Okay, so we had some connection difficulties with the internet and we’re about to step into a Q&A with Baker, but I’ll say this about the trailer: Beautiful. Very much in keeping with the old school Universal classic monster aesthetic. This puppy looks rated-R! There’s no shortage of torn throats, biting and exposed entrails! The teaser trailer is thick with atmosphere featuring a silhouette of the Wolfman running through a misty forest. We don’t get any close-ups of the hirsute beast, but we get shots of his legs (think The Howling) and clawed hands. He runs with a hunch, hands at his side.

Other shots feature what appear to be the Wolfman attacking someone at a fancy ball; Del Toro chained to a chair, his hand in mid-transformation; the Wolfman running along a rooftop. The trailer has an air of Sleepy Hollow about it, less doom and gloom in its appearance, though.

I f’in love this thing and I hope you all get to see it soon online. Baker’s coming into the room…back to work.

Source: Ryan Rotten