SDCC ’08: Saw V Panel, Watch the Teaser Trailer!


Live coverage begins now…

Shock is currently sitting in the San Diego Comic-Con panel for Saw V, here are the highlights.

• Intros all around with Marc Burg, Oren Koules, David Hackl, Tobin Bell, Betsey Russell, Costas Mandylor, Julie Benz, Scott Patterson, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton.

• Burg jokes that the footage they’re about to show will appear on YouTube.

• Oren: They’ve gotten lucky with getting great stories to keep it going, a great team makes it feel like home to head to Toronto every spring and turn the films out in the fall.

• Clip is about to be shown… Oren: This is the fourth straight year they’ve shown a clip. First look at a trap!

• Teaser trailer was shown instead. Heavy religious influence beginning with the words: “His message is rightious…” Between this, we see Patterson – alive and well – his head caught in a glass box. Darkness all around. We see him first in the dark as just a small light. Through the teaser we zoom in on his face until he wakes up terrified.

• As always, Betsey Russell says she’s “sworn to secrecy.”

• Patterson: “That was me in the box. I haven’t seen that before.” The journey of his character of Strohm has to be kept a mystery (he doesn’t want to give away any spoilers).

• Patterson: Bell pushed him into digging deeper into what Strohm could be.

• Benz: For her, she immediately responded to joining the sequel. It allowed the crew to laugh at her because she was a newbie and she was constantly scared being in the film. Had nightmares throughout the shooting.

• Patterson: The trap we saw took all day to shoot. He has never been that frightened shooting something. One portion of the trap – he thought he could handle it – but on the first take, he was hyperventilating and going into shock.

• Hackl explained the trap to him to psyche Patterson up, but he was still nervous to get the actor into it. “There was no way we could’ve done it with visual FX,” they had to do it real.

• Patterson: “My heart is racing talking about it, leave me alone!” he jokes.

Here’s the teaser trailer!


• The producers suspected Hackl saved all the best traps for his film.

• Second clip…

• A pit and the pendulum-inspired clip! A murderer is chained to a table and instructed by Jigsaw to destroy his hands in order to wrench himself free. He has 60 seconds to do it or he’ll be cut in half!

• That’s a wrap! Panel’s over!