EXCL: Writer Talks New Thriller Roommate


Coming from Screen Gems, Vertigo

How Vertigo Entertainment’s Sonny Mallhi found time to write a script while juggling his exec duties for the company behind this year’s The Strangers and Quarantine. But he did and the end result is the upcoming thriller Roommate, a spec recently acquired by Sony’s Screen Gems (details).

“It seemed like a no-brainer of an idea I’ve had a while,” Mallhi tells ShockTillYouDrop.com “Usually if we get an idea for a spec, we’ll get someone to do it. This time it seemed easier to write it myself. I wrote it on the weekends for a couple of months and had no life.”

Roomates centers on a college student whose new roommate is a little bit off her rocker. “It’s in the vein of Disturbia, that sort of thing.” How about Single White Female? “It’s creepier than that because [Bridget Fonda] got to pick who she wanted to live with in that. In college you’re forced to live with someone – a complete stranger. That’s weirder. Everyone has bad college roommate stories.”

Mallhi wrote the script using a pseudonym. “Under some girl’s name and then literally did not tell anyone until the day it sold. Not even those at Vertigo. [Screen Gems’] Clint Cullpepper loved it – I thought he would be pissed that the girl wasn’t me, but he loved the story.”

Vertigo will serve as co-producer Roommate. We’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Source: Ryan Rotten