Now, The Hills Are Alive


From Scissorhands, Misery team

Chiller, NBC Universal’s horror cable channel, announced the premiere of a new web series from director Caroline Thompson (writer, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands) and producer Steve Nicolaides, The Hills Are Alive.

New webisodes will post every Tuesday and Thursday on, beginning with the premiere webisode on Tuesday, July 22nd. The webisodes will culminate with the on-air premiere of the full-length film version on Chiller, with an alternate ending to the final webisode, which posts on October 23rd.

Nicolaides previously produced School of Rock and Misery.

The Hills are Alive is set in a small southern California town where three college students journey through the mountains in search of a sacred site. Challenged by their professor and their own curiosity, the students will voyage through the hills in search the geographical and spiritual history that is entrenched in the peaks and valleys of the scenic landscape. Their fate is forever changed during this summer school session turned spiritual pilgrimage. Each webisode is approximately three minutes in length.

“Steve and I are very excited about The Hills Are Alive on Chiller. It’s a great opportunity to showcase the kind of independent, no-rules work that, at this point, only the web supports,” says Thompson. “We wanted to prove that for very little money, anyone can grab a camera, anyone can cut on a computer, anyone can make their movie dreams come true.”

Thompson and her husband, Nicolaides, made the movie on their ranch in Ojai, California. The Hills are Alive stars Emma Jaster, Babar Peerzada, Tarreyn Van Slyke, Noah Crowe and Eric Zwemer. Fans can also find blogs and additional material about The Hills Are Alive on

Source: Chiller, NBC