What’s the Truth About Scream 4?


Weinsteins jonesin’ for Neve

After last week’s announcement, just how close is The Weinstein Company to bringing Scream 4 to fruition? An insider got a hold of Moviehole and dished some dirt.

“[The Weinstein’s] might be taking a look at scripts, and talking about a possible Scream 4, but there is nothing in the works more so than there was 8 years ago. Basically the studio, Bob, Harvey, and Kevin [Williamson] all want to do a 4th film but Neve [Campbell] herself is the holdout. They feel there is no franchise without her and that they will wait for her to come around.”

The site’s source says TWC’s press release was to drum up buzz in a potential sequel. I find that a bit hard to swallow since there’s been some level of anticipation for a fourth chapter for some time. And hold out for Neve, really? Especially after shoehorning her into Scream 3? The press release clearly states TWC is looking to re-start the franchise – why not start “clean slate” with new characters?

Source: Moviehole