X-Files: I Want to Believe Soundtrack Details


Listen to samples of Snow’s score

Head over to Amazon now and you’ll get a diverse sampling of tracks from Mark Snow’s score for The X-Files: I Want to Believe. The soundtrack hits stores on July 22nd, just a few days before the film, directed by Chris Carter, opens in theaters on July 25th.

ShockTillYouDrop.com recently visited the scoring stage where Mark Snow was recording music for this anticipated sequel, read all about that here and check out the part where producer Frank Spotnitz raises some concern that the track listing for the score may reveal potential spoilers.

Track listings:

1. Moonrise

2. No Cures/Looking For Fox

3. The Trip to DC

4. Father Joe

5. What If You’re Wrong/Sister

6. Ybara The Strange/Waterboard

7. Can’t Sleep/Ice Field

8. March and Dig/Girl In The Box

9. A Higher Conscious

10. The Surgery

11. Good Luck

12. Seizure/Attempted Escape

13. Foot Chase

14. Mountain Montage/The Plow

15. Photo Evidence

16. The Preparation

17. Tranquilized

18. The Axe Post

19. Box Them

20. Home Again

Source: Amazon