The Cell 2 Plot Details, Release Date


Director and writers revealed

It’s been eight years since Jennifer Lopez leaped into Vincent D’Onofrio’s noggin’ and mucked around with his brain in The Cell. Eight years since those surreal visuals and eight years since Lopez was served up a buffet of horse fillet. Now, director Tarsem Singh has a new film currently in theaters entitled The Fall and New Line (now absorbed by Warner Bros.) has moved on without him for The Cell 2, a direct-to-DVD follow-up helmed by Tim Iacofano. learned over the weekend Warner Home Video is tentatively eyeing an October 14th DVD debut.

Tessie Santiago is the leading lady this time; she’s joined by Frank Whaley (Vacancy). The IMDB currently has the following plot synopsis: The Cusp is a serial killer who kills his victims and then brings them back to life…over and over again until they beg to die. Maya is a psychic investigator who gained her powers after a 1 year coma after she was the Cusp’s first victim. Now the Cusp Killer is back and Maya has little time to do what she has never done before: Go into the mind of a killer unprotected, and save his latest victim.

Writers and producers Alex Barder, Rob Rinow and Lawrence Silverstein hatched the story. Barder and Silverstein previously collaborator Ring Around the Rosie, Rinow is a newcomer to the biz. Iacofano’s credits include producing and directing a number of episodes of 24, Profiler, Haunted and Supernatural.

Source:, IMDB