Dern Still Down for Jurassic Park 4


Development in the next year?

Jurassic Park 4, where are you? How many times must we hear your name on the Universal Studios backlot tour accompanied with the words, spoken by a grinning tram tour guide, “…which is in development and shooting soon!”

Every couple of months or so, talk of a fourth outing is kicked up. And last summer was certainly a healthy time for prehistoric reports which stated Laura Dern would return in a meatier role (larger than her turn in part three). The actress, who plays Dr. Ellie Sattler in the series, recently gave TV Guide Magazine an update…

“It’s a while away but my understanding is it’s happening and my character is very involved. I know [director] Steven Spielberg is looking forward to [getting it together] over the next year.”

Sam Neill is not expected to appear in the next film.

Source: TV Guide Magazine