Writer, Producers Thinking Jennifer’s Body 2


What is Cody’s favorite horror sequel?

Or would that be Jennifer’s Body Part Two?

That might be apropos considering the ’80s vibe wafting off of Jennifer’s Body which recently wrapped in Vancouver with Karyn Kusama directing from an original screenplay by Diablo Cody. And nearly every decent horror flick that struck gold in the ’80s inevitably gave birth to a follow-up. So, are there early talks of a sequel to Kusama’s film?

“Wouldn’t that be awesome?” Cody asks ShockTillYouDrop.com before relinquishing, “I’ve thought about it a little. I like sequels especially when they’re done well, it’s a coup.” Okay, like which ones? “Do number threes count? ‘Cause A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 is one of my favorite movies ever. Ever!”

Producer Daniel Dubieki agrees, “I could see [a sequel] in the future if this movie does well and I think it will. As long as we can bring the right ingredients back to the table, I could totally see that happening. We’re not making it for that reason, but it could work.” He pauses, as if letting the idea sink in, then smiles. “I’d love to do that.”

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Source: Ryan Rotten