Pathology Release Will Need Your Help


The scoop on MGM’s theatrical plans

The long-delayed thriller Pathology, as previously reported, is opening in theaters on April 18th. Here’s the rub: It’s only getting a limited release. How “limited”?

I got on the horn with the film’s co-writer Mark Neveldine (who penned the script with his partner Brian Taylor) last night who tells us it will make a 100-screen debut. Expect a rollout in all major cities across the U.S. Should Pathology find its audience and perform exceptionally well, it will go wider.

We’ve heard rumblings that test audience reactions were very positive. The edgy nature of the story may be giving MGM cold feet, though. Starring Milo Ventimiglia, Lauren Lee Smith, Johnny Whitworth, Alyssa Milano, Keir O’Donnell and Michael Weston, Pathology is directed by Marc Schoelermann. Click on the title for a full plot crunch and stay tuned for our set report!

Source: Ryan Rotten