Slit-Mouthed Woman Strikes Back!


Sequel ready for release

24fps, citing a news item at Tokyograph, reports a sequel to Kuchisake-Onna (aka The Slit-Mouthed Woman, released by Tartan as Carved) is in the can and ready for release in Japan next month. Rin Asuka plays Mayumi, a young girl whose face gets f’ed up when she’s hit by acid. Subsequently, she becomes a “Demon Ghost.” 24fps speculates this may be a “prequel,” however, the first film firmly established that its ghost was a woman grotesquely disfigured by her husband. Full of piss and vinegar, she haunts the streets of her town asking her victims, “Am I pretty?” before killing them. We’ll alert you to the sequel’s domestic release plans as they come in.

Source: 24 Frames Per Second, Tokyograph