EXCL: Night of the Demons Remake Update


Tears team accept invite to Angela’s party

In 1988, director Kevin Tenney whipped up a delicious, trashy brew of teen misbehavior, demonic possession, and lest we forget a shot of actress Linnea Quigley’s ass that can never be topped, in Night of the Demons. (Lipstick in the nipple. That’s all I’m sayin’.) “Demons” was Tenney’s sophomore effort following Witchboard in ’86; the film propelled actress Amelia Kinkade – as the snaggletoothed hell-bitch “Angela” – into two sequels.

In the past, Tenney has been vocal about revitalizing the series with a flat-out Night of the Demons remake. Today, we’ve received word that forward momentum is being been made.

Writers Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson have been tapped to pen an update for Prodigy Entertainment. Tenney and Greg McKay (Braindead) are on board to produce. The film is also serving as a directing vehicle for Gierasch who is currently wrapping work on Autopsy.

“[‘Demons’] is a modern take but Angela is still in it. It’s got blood, guts, Halloween, breasts, kids, demons and everything else that makes life worth living,” Gierasch beams. Production is tentatively scheduled to begin in late spring.

Gierasch and Anderson’s writing credits include Dario Argento’s upcoming Mother of Tears.

Source: Ryan Rotten