Joe Lynch Eyeing The Bridge


Skipp & Spector’s ’91 novel

After skirting celluloid adaptation for more than twenty-five years, is “The Bridge” – penned by splatterpunk duo John Skipp and Craig Spector – finally coming to fruition?

Maybe. Emphasis on the maybe.

At a recent Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors show in Chicago, Spector (out pimping Animals) revelealed, “It’s all very preliminary right now, but we’re talking about doing ‘The Bridge’ next, with Joe Lynch directing.” Lynch carved his own bloody niche on the horror scene last October with Wrong Turn 2.

“The Bridge” has been a project many have flirted with since being published in 1991 by Bantam Books. And that may not be the only Skipp and Spector project in the works. The latter also talks about “The Light at the End” here.

Source: Fangoria