Bowen on His Date With the Devil


Two additions to Ti West’s cast

Specific plot details for Ti (The Roost) West’s House of the Devil are veiled in secrecy, but the fellas at Dread Central coaxed a nugget of info out of the film’s leading man A.J. Bowen.

“I remember when I was a kid I was told I couldn’t play Dungeons & Dragons because I’d become part of a Satanic cult. I couldn’t watch Unsolved Mysteries ’cause I’d join a Satanic cult,” he says. “Ti [West] wrote a script that plays with the idea of what if that was legit? What if it was real?”

What is known is that the film concerns a young girl who answers a babysitting ad. When she arrives on the job, things go terribly wrong. Two new cast members joined “Devil” this week: Tom Noonan (of West’s “Roost”) and genre vet Mary Woronov (look ‘er up).

Cameras roll in Connecticut soon. For DC’s full chat with Bowen, click here.

Source: Dread Central