Dimension Holds Key to Joe Hill Graphic Novel


Franchise potential in IDW property

Rights to Joe Hill’s graphic novel Locke & Key have been secured by Dimension Films with “franchise potential” on the mind.

Published by IDW, the story “revolves around a trio of children who become the caretakers of Keyhouse, a mansion in New England that is full of secrets and magic. The kids discover doors that take them to different places, give them powers and even alter gender and skin color. Behind one door is a dangerously violent creature.”

In a press release issued by IDW earlier this year, Hill – son of Stephen King – describes the graphic novel as “a kind of modern Grimm’s fairy tale, about the way young people discover and construct their own identity.”

Hill also penned the novel “Heart-Shaped Box” which is currently in development at Warner Bros. Issue number one of “Locke & Key,” illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, is now on shelves. Catch a preview here.

Source: Variety