Video Series Premiere: Shock Talk w/George Romero


And special guests Nicotero, Green & Lynch

Welcome to the first episode of “Shock Talk.”

What is this rabid creation for your eyes and ears to behold? Well, to put it simply, it’s a talk show. A monthly one at that. We’ve ditched the couch, canned the audience and adopted a loose, casual format.

Some of the most truthful conversations I’ve ever had about horror and the black blood that pumps through its decrepit heart derived from being surrounded by like-minded (sick-minded) friends kicking back and talking about whatever happens to be on their mind. The dialogue sways this way and that, sometimes jumping back on track…sometimes veering into obscure and random territory.

That’s the vibe “Shock Talk” co-creator Dave Parker and I are trying to capture with this show. And with each episode, we’re going to pull in professionals from the fright field to weigh in on a particular theme I bring to the table and see where the conversation leads us.

Again, loose. Informal. Informative.

Which brings us to the debut episode (broken into four segments) you see below. We’re absolutely honored to have George Romero, KNB EFX’s Greg Nicotero, directors Joe Lynch and Adam Green to sit down and talk Diary of the Dead, zombies, “reality” horror and more.

We hope you’ll enjoy this and that it whets your appetite for episode two (the guest list is looking incredible so far). Pulled together in a short amount of time, I think this premiere turned out pretty damn good. Enjoy…and be sure to stick around through the credits!

This does contain adult language that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Episode 1.1 (Intro)

Episode 1.2

Episode 1.3

Episode 1.4

Source: Ryan Rotten