L.A.’s New Beverly Horror Film Schedule


March means Monster Squad, Creeps and more…

The New Beverly Cinema (7165 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles) is putting Voorhees, Spinell, Atkins and a band of monster-hunting minors back on the big screen throughout the month of March.

If you are a Hollywood local and are familiar with the New Bev, you know the score: 8 bucks admission and good times. If you’ve never been – get your ass away from the television, out of the house and see one or all of the revival screenings below. Who knows? You might make a friend or two.

For more details, visit the New Bev’s MySpace page.

March 14th, 15th

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter: Fri. @ 7:30pm, Sat. @ 3:50pm & 7:30pm

Final Exam: Fri. @ 9:20pm, Sat. @ 5:40pm & 9:20pm

March 19th – 22nd

The Monster Squad: Wed./Thurs./Fri. @7:30pm, Sat. @ 3:55pm & 7:30pm

Night of the Creeps: Wed./Thurs./Fri. @ 9:15pm, Sat. @ 5:40pm & 9:15pm

March 25th (A Grindhouse Film Festival event, special guest Bill Lustig)

Hit List @ 7:30pm

Maniac @ 10:00pm

March 29th

The Funhouse @ Midnight

Source: New Beverly Cinema