Photos from Beyond the Grave


First look at Brazilian zombie flick

Beyond the Grave is gradually becoming organic as a movie should be. Now it has its own life. It’s very much alive”, says director Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro in the midst of shooting his Brazilian zombie flick Porto Dos Mortos (or, “Beyond the Grave”). “It is turning into a very original and surprising film.”

When we last told you about the film (details), Pinheiro was on the cusp of principal photography. Now that the cameras are rolling, producers Lockheart Filmes is being generous with the release of on-set photos – they’ve provided us with four this weekend. You can find them all by clicking on the preview pic below.

Beyond the Grave centers on a cop by the name of Lockheart (actor Rafael Tombini) who is dodging his way through a zombie-infested Brazil to get to a supernatural serial killer. Quite a lot of pressure for a man of the law, no?

Filming wraps on March 4th. Lockheart is producing in association with V2 Cinema.

Source: Lockheart Filmes