Zombie Anthology Edges of Darkness Wraps


Trailer for indie flick now online

Writer-director Jason Horton writes in to inform us work is complete on his indie zombie endeavor Edges of Darkness. Three tales woven into one, “Darkness” concerns itself with a zombie apocalypse and, naturally, those trying to save their asses from the undead.

Story one focuses on a pair of vampires (you read that right) and the young girl they are slowly bleeding dry while they ride out the zombie outbreak. An obsessive horror writer fuels tale two. Stuck with his wife, he maintains his sanity by writing, using the limited power they have to keep his word processor going. But soon he finds out there’s a high price to pay. And, wrapping things up, Heather, a headstrong gal with a niche for survival, takes in a mother and her son, unaware the latter has been targeted by renegade priests who want to see the boy dead.

Annemarie Pazmino, Shamika Ann Franklin, Alonzo F. Jones, Michelle Rose, Kelly Murray and Jay Costelo star. Horton co-wrote and co-directed the film with Blaine Cade.

You can find the trailer below or visit the film’s official site for an HD version:

Trailer #2 Edges of Darkness

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Source: Jason Horton