Sony Buys Emmerich’s Apocalypse Project


Aiming for a 2009 release

Sony Pictures Entertainment has purchased Roland Emmerich’s 2012, a spec script for a 2009 summer tentpole release that was the center of a studio bidding war.

According to Variety, production will begin late summer or early fall. The deal came on the same day that Emmerich pitched his vision and his budget projections for the film, which he scripted with 10,000 B.C co-writer Harald Kloser. Studios, which read the script Tuesday, were then invited to pitch Emmerich and his CAA reps on how they would market the picture.

According to the trade’s sources, several studios bid on the project, while some shied away from a price-tag that could hit $200 million.

The title refers to the apocryphal date that the world is supposed to end, and it frames an ensemble disaster epic akin to The Day After Tomorrow, the blockbuster that Emmerich sold in a similar spec sale and which turned into a global hit for 20th Cen-tury Fox.

Source: Variety