EXCL: Casting Breakdown for Wes Craven’s 25/8


Production gears up for April start

An industry source has passed along the cast breakdowns for Wes Craven’s 25/8. Shooting begins early April in Connecticut for Rogue Pictures.


Story: As legend has it, a notorious serial slayer will return to the sleepy community of Riverdale to finish off the seven children born on the night he purportedly died. But is the slayer really dead, or is he still at large? Or has the mysterious evil personality that once impelled his bloody spree entered the body of an unwary teen, who will now be compelled to do his evil bidding?

Adam “Bug” Heller: 15. He’s a likeable, attractive high school boy, the “picture of innocent wonder,” who has no inkling of his father’s tragic, notorious past. He only knows that he’s one of the “Riverdale Seven,” a group of youngsters, all born on the same evening, whose deaths at the hands of a vengeful slayer have been foretold. Now, on his birthday, Bug’s past will catch up to him at last — and his true connection to his dark heritage will take him through a stunning transformation by film’s end. Lead.

Alex Dunkelman: Bug’s best friend, this wiry, colorful 15 years old has a wacky, offbeat sense of humor and a valiant appetite for life, despite the fact that he is routinely brutalized by his ex-con stepfather. However, even Alex has his breaking point, as Bug learns on the fateful evening that the Riverton Ripper, a serial killer from the past, starts decimating their ranks. However, under Alex’s anger lies a hero’s heart, and a raw courage that prompts him to make a final, heroic sacrifice. Lead.

Brittany Cunningham: 15, a beautiful, smart, ambitious girl. She’s the object of Bug’s secret adoration. However, Brittany is so cowed by the cool senior clique that she would never admit that she thinks that Bug is pretty cute too. One of the Riverdale Seven, in her ultimate scene, Brittany is fated to face the mysterious serial slayer who has been preying on their ranks. Lead; Brandon O’Neil: 15. This dashing, athletic jock is the handsomest boy in his school — and he knows it. One of the “Riverdale Seven,” Brandon’s not concerned with the dire legend of how he might meet his fate. He’s more interested in jumping Brittany’s bones, whether she likes it or not. A volatile individual with a dangerous temper, Brandon later must contend with a temper far, far greater than his will ever be. Lead.

Lt. Frank Paterson: 48. He’s also seen in flashback at age 32. A craggy and capable cop, Paterson is present on the night that the notorious serial slayer, Abel Plenkov, conducts his bloody spree before disappearing near the sleepy community of Riverdale. A man of great nerve and courage, he’s dismayed when the grisly legend of the Riverdale Seven apparently starts coming to pass – but he’s determined to stop the slayer in his tracks. Lead.

Abel Plenkov: Seen first in flashback, he’s a meticulous, powerfully built family man of 33 who is battling to cope with a multiple personality disorder. A devoted husband and father, Abel is terrified when a malevolent entity starts controlling his thoughts and actions. Struggle though he may, he ultimately succumbs to the ghastly impulses that are driving him. Lead.

May Heller: 38, a good-looking, hard working, genuinely caring nurse. May has raised Bug with love and tenderness ever since his mother’s murder. She has carefully kept the knowledge of his tragic origins a deep secret – but now, the past is catching up to her beloved adoptive son. Lead.

Fang, aka Leah: 19. This gorgeous, edgy high school senior is the undisputed queen of her domain. She calls the shots on all the cruel pranks and underhanded maneuvers at her school. A beauty with “feral charisma,” she also has a surprising connection to Bug, the particular butt of her cruelty. Leah, though, is not bad without reason. She’s the victim of a childhood trauma that she must confront before she can put the horror of her own past behind her. Lead.

Jeanbaptiste: 30. Throughout the first act, this bright, brave, Haitian-American woman is an EMT who is one of the first on the scene of the opening carnage. A student of psychology, she briefs Paterson on the permutations of multiple personality disorder, key to the puzzle of the film’s intricate plot. She also falls victim to the serial slayer.

Dr. William Blake: 60s. This visionary psychoanalyst is also an “academic rebel” renowned for his radical reassessment of multiple personality disorders. Abel’s doctor, he rushes to prevent tragedy – but instead falls victim to evil forces beyond his control.

Lt. Bobby Lake: 41. He’s Paterson’s long-time police partner, who is also seen in flashback in his 20s, at that serial slaying case that almost left Paterson dead. Now, the two have a present-day killer to track – and Lake has Paterson’s back as they try to stop the lunatic before he strikes again.

Penelope Bryte: 15. She’s a religiously fanatical redhead who is also one of the “Riverdale Seven.” As straightforward and no-nonsense as she is devout, Penelope prognosticates disaster for Bug, on whom she has a long-time secret crush. However, it is she herself who later falls victim to the mysterious slayer.

Principal Pratt: 40s. This high school principal is “a martinet who thinks he’s still too forgiving.” Upset over Bug’s recent behavior, Pratt calls him on the carpet, and later tells his guardian, May, that he suspects Bug is mentally disturbed. To May’s chagrin, Pratt infers the Bug could actually be the killer responsible for a classmate’s recent murder.

Jay Chan: A likeable, theatrically brilliant Asian 15 years old. He’s another of the Riverdale Seven. Jay is the first to fall victim to the mysterious slayer.

Jerome Brown: Another of the Riverdale Seven, this African-American teen, age 15, is also blind. That doesn’t stop him from being one of the most waggish and mischievous personalities at the school. A talented musician, Jerome is one of the few to escape the serial slayer’s clutches.

Chandelle Brown: Jerome’s sister and one of Fang’s best friends, this striking 18 years old African American girl is something of a bad girl, but she has the voice of an angel, which she demonstrates when she sings during a memorial service for the early victims. MUST SING.

Maria Ramirez: Another of Fang’s best friends, this 18 years old Latino girl is very street smart. She helps Fang maintain her dominance at the school through intimidation and coercion.

Sarah Plenkov: Seen in flashback, this radiant, very pregnant, and clearly happy 29 years old woman is Abel’s wife and the mother of his little daughter. Very close to her husband, she has no idea that he has become prey to a malignant force that will prove her undoing.

Gus: Seen in flashback, this 28 years old male Caucasian is an EMT who is with Jeanbaptiste at the scene of the crime. He also falls victim to the serial slayer en route to the hospital.

Quint: 40s. Alex’s stepfather. He’s a vicious, tattooed and mean ex-con who never misses a chance to belittle or brutalize his stepson. His bullying has unfortunate results, to say the least.

Mr. Kaiser: This biology teacher tries to keep order when Alex and Bug’s classroom presentation gets way out of hand.

Popo: 70s. Jay’s grandmother, this “old country” Asian woman is surprised to find her grandson’s bedroom empty.

Officer Ramirez: 40s. The school’s only security officer, this man rushes to check out a disturbance in the girls’ restroom.

Coroner: This coroner briefs Lake and Paterson at the scene where the first body has been found.

Girl #1 & #2: These high school girls warn Jerome that he’s in the girls’ restroom, which will become the “forbidden zone” as soon as Fang and her cronies enter.

Brandon’s Mother: She’s at a town memorial service when she gets some shocking news about her son.

Brittany’s Mother: She’s chatting with Brandon’s mother at a memorial service when her friend gets some distressing news.

Cop: This cop discovers another body, and gives the alarm.

Leah: This adorable 4 year old girl is terrified when her normally loving father, Abel, turns monstrous.

Anchorman: In flashback, this anchorman reports on the latest atrocity of the “Riverton Ripper”. MAY BE VOICE OVER ONLY.

Penelope’s Mother: She warns her daughter that she’ll be later for school. VOICE OVER ONLY.

Melanie Pratt: The principal’s 15 year old daughter, she is seen confiding to Penelope. She’s pregnant by Brandon, but not showing yet.

TV Newscaster/News Anchor: In flashback, these reporters also cover the Riverton Ripper story. MAY BE VOICE OVER ONLY.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com