Masters FX Busy with Blood, Daughter


Updates on the HBO series and Costner spookshow

Shock recently caught up with Todd Masters of Masters FX (Slither) who gave us the drop on two projects his shop is currently involved with.

“We’re working on Alan Ball’s show True Blood and the Kevin Costner film The New Daughter,” Masters says. True Blood, adapted from Charlaine Harris’ “Southern Vampire” novels, stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. The former plays a small town Louisiana waitress in love with a vampire. HBO will air the series.

“Working with Alan has been great. The vampires are traditional, they’re not typical. They’re essentially fangs with bad attitudes,” he adds. When asked if his bloodsuckers have adapted the usual “furrowed brow” and “veiny” appearance we’ve seen so often, Masters says, “We’re not doing that shit – Alan’s not really about the FX. For ‘Six Feet Under’ the bodies were like cars. You’ve got these car mechanics and the story is about the garage, same concept here. You’re not supposed to really pay too much attention to the vampires. I think the show is going to have some great original shocks, the stories are great. We’ve already got three episodes in the can, but it should be a lot of fun.”

The New Daughter, meanwhile, finds Costner and Pan’s Labyrinth sweetheart Ivana Baquero facing supernatural forces on a farm. Luiso Berdejo directs.

Source: Ryan Rotten