Cohen Talks Mummy Viz FX


Yeti sequence looking “cool,” teaser coming soon

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor train chugs along to completion.

Director Rob Cohen relays in his blog that he’ll be screening a cut of the film to the Universal clan at the end of this month. He also gives an update on the extensive post-production FX work being done and drops a few words about the “Yeti” scene…

The visual effects work is going on apace. We have nine finals at this point out of 800 shots. Sounds dismal and hopeless, but this is how vfx work goes: the first 50% of the time on 10% of the shots and the second 50% on the 90%. There is so much R & D going in defining the visual rules for each fantasy creature, object, or landscape (what does Shangri-la look like?) that the refinement of this first 100 shots defines all the rest. Once the aesthetics and methodology are set, the production pipelines are refined and the work begins to accelerate.

So far, the Yeti (the abominable snowmen) done by Rhythm & Hues, that appear in the Himalayan sequence are my favorite achievement. They are flat out cool! Supervisor Derek Spears and team have been kicking ass on the creatures.

Read Cohen’s full update here!

Source: Rob Cohen