Paul Bettany to Star in Legion


Playing the archangel Michael for Screen Gems

The horror/siege sub-genre lives on…

Screen Gems has recruited actor Paul Bettany to star as the archangel Michael in Legion. The heavenly being teams with a group of misfits holed up in a diner when God sends his legion of angels down to Earth to wipe out the human race. Oh, that crafty God…

Scott Stewart, co-founder of The Orphanage visual effects house, is making the film his directorial debut. He’s also credited screenwriter with Peter Schink. “I was so impressed with his rewrite that I took the meeting with him, and his visual presentation closed the deal,” Screen Gems pres Clint Culpepper tells Variety. “I’m sure he had the same impact on Paul.”

Shooting begins next month in New Mexico.

Source: Variety