Wes Craven Returns with 25/8


Comments on Nightmare remake

Rogue Pictures continues to nurture the healthy relationship it is sharing with Wes Craven.

The company behind the Craven/Midnight Pictures-produced The Last House on the Left remake is shepherding Craven’s next writing-directing horror vehicle 25/8.

It is a significant project in that it’s the first original script Craven has penned since 1994’s New Nightmare. In the story “a serial killer turns up 15 years after his purported death, to kill the seven children born on that fateful night.” Production will begin in April with Iya Labunka (pictured) producing.

Meanwhile, Variety was able to get Craven to comment on the Nightmare on Elm Street restart news and he had this to say: “My baby has fallen into the hands of others, and what can I say but wish them luck.”

Source: Variety