DVD Details, Art for Med Thriller Awake


Starring Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba

Genius Products passed along some info and cover art on the forthcoming DVD release for Awake.

Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen star in this thriller steeped in the shadowy world of medicine (brrrr!). Christensen plays Clay, a young man who suffers “Anesthetic Awareness,” leaving him fully conscious during open heart surgery, but unable to alert the surgical team surrounding him. As various obstacles present themselves, his wife Sam (Alba) must make life-altering decisions while he faces a far greater pain.

The disc streets on March 4th. DVD Special Features include:

· Audio commentary with director Joby Harold

· Seven deleted scenes

· Under The Knife & Behind The Scenes: The Making of Awake

· Storyboard to film comparisons

Hi-res cover art can be found here.

Source: Genius Entertainment