Filmmaker Talks Dark Lurking, Trailer


Making monster movies cool again

“We’ve put in about $200,000. This baby better pay off,” says Australian filmmaker Greg Connors, speaking of his hulking, ambitious indie horror/sci-fi hybrid The Dark Lurking. With financiers Stuart Wall and Bret Kennedy, Connors has been shooting “Dark” off and on since 2006 under his Filmwerx 77 production banner. “Because we’re putting our own money into this…we’ve had to save money – shoot a little bit – save money again.”

The fruits of his efforts are shaping up nicely. A recent adrenaline-fueled trailer took a bite out of the film’s MySpace page recently. Within days, it generated a buzz of curiosity throughout the horror community.

Connors tells us the genesis of “Dark” began shortly after his short film “Netherworld” garnered some attention. “[‘Dark Lurking’] is a big time nod to all the cool movies from the 80’s before CG turned movie monsters gay. Aliens, John Carpenter’s The Thing, Predator, Pumpkinhead and even Robocop. Honestly, who’s made a cool horror/sci-fi movie in a while?” he questions. “Fox killed the Aliens and Predator franchises so we decided to make something new that people could enjoy and would give the same feel from a monster movie that seems to be lacking these days.”

Peruse our database where you’ll find links to the film’s official site, its MySpace page, the trailer and a clip here.