Diamond Dead Resurrected to Rock Again


George Romero’s horror-rock comedy

Before Diary of the Dead – hell, before Land of the Dead – George Romero (interview) was developing a horror-comedy-rock flick called Diamond Dead. Written by Brian Cooper and Romero, the story focused on the eponymous band who were, well, zombies and were managed by Death, a hot piece of ass named Aria De Winter.

The project was generating some steam a few years back. A heavy online push was in the works. Then everything fell apart. But according to Cinematical, “Diamond” is getting polished off for development once again. Here’s an excerpt from a recent news item by Ryan Starnes:

“I got a phone call two days ago, before I came here, from the producer saying ‘We’re back!'” [Romero] says, noting that he was more surprised than anyone because he worked for years on the project and “it looked dead.” Since the financing has apparently just kicked in as this is going to press, no further details are available.

We’ll see where it goes from here. Romero is eager to get back in the saddle for his Diary of the Dead sequel. At this point, it all depends on which film races to the finish line first with all of its financing in place.

Source: Cinematical