Danielle Harris, Moseley Wide Awake for Blood Night


Long Island urban legend comes to life

Principal photography is nearing an end on Blood Night, an indie debut for newcomer Frank Sabatella.

Cribbing from real-life urban legend Mary Hatchet, a Long Island axe murderer, the story (co-penned by Elke Blasi) concerns a group of kids celebrating the anniversary of Hatchet’s death. Their festivities come to a halt when Hatchet’s vengeful ghost returns to wreak havoc.

Filming began in December at the Cedar Grove mental facility in New Jersey with horror vets Danielle Harris (pictured) and Billy Moseley in front the camera. Samantha Hahn, Ricardo Cordero, Rich Ceraulo, Connor Fux, Alissa Dean, Garett Stevens, Josh Segarra, Maryam Basir, Samantha Jacobs and Nate Dushku (The Alphabet Killer) round out the cast with Samantha Facchi playing Hatchet. Production on the film took a hiatus and will resume for a week next month.

Monster in my Closet (Crazy Eights) is handling FX duties.

You can find the official site here.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com