Last House Remake’s Body Count “Vicious”


Mari and Phyllis…survivors?

A bit of wording caught our attention in Monday’s casting news for Rogue’s forthcoming The Last House on the Left. Let’s see if you can spot it from this synopsis provided by Variety:

A couple, on vacation at their lakeshore house, inadvertently give shelter to the sociopaths who have just assaulted and nearly killed their daughter.

Catch it? Note the “nearly killed their daughter” bit. Nearly? Anyone familiar with Wes Craven’s audacious and wicked original knows the two young female leads, Mari and Phyllis, do not get out alive in this lovely bedtime story. So what gives?

Reliable sources tell us “don’t believe everything that you read in the trades.” Also, the “Last House” update most definitely has a sizable body count and the kills are going to be “vicious.”

Stay tuned for more casting news…