Marshall: The Descent 2 Script Complete


Creature feature sequel still in the works

He howled with the Dog Soldiers, crawled into The Descent and is bringing about Doomsday next month. Now, writer-director Neil Marshall is scanning the horizon for his next project while keeping tabs on an upcoming sequel to 2006’s “Descent” which he and I discussed at Comic-Con last year (here).

“I’m just about to read the script – if they go ahead with it this year I’m not sure what my involvement is going to be at this stage,” he tells Shock during a recent interview. “I’ll just have to wait and see.”

Although he isn’t certain who’s being credited for the screenplay being sent his way (“various” scribes have tackled it apparently), Marshall believes, “Director [Jon Harris] is the right choice and I’ll think he’ll do a good job. I think it’s important to bring in some fresh blood and give someone else a go at it.” Which explains why he didn’t sign to direct the follow-up himself. “I don’t want to repeat myself, I want to go on to something new.”

Harris served as editor on Marshall’s “Descent,” the sequel will be his directorial debut.

A full Doomsday-drenched interview is coming soon!

Source: Ryan Rotten